What We Do


The Lonsdale Group initiates and manages strategic projects with multiple stakeholders to develop consensus and implement projects, which address future challenges facing municipalities in terms of community programming and aging public infrastructure. The goal of these projects is to build capacity within the city through strategic community-based initiatives. Our services include Strategic Planning and Project Management.


We initiate and manage strategic projects to develop a coherent plan with the objective of securing support and/or funding from one or more levels of government, recognizing the diverse interests of stakeholders. We work with organisations such as school boards, community groups, municipal departments, and all levels of government during the planning process. Then we manage the project by acting as a bridge between governments, government agencies, bureaucrats, designers and builders to increase the capacity and efficacy of public infrastructure assets.



We manage strategic initiatives on behalf of government departments, agencies and Non-government Organizations (NGOs), to help them manage more flexibly and more effectively. We work with landowners, stakeholders, developers and construction managers to complete community infrastructure projects. We prepare and implement workplans; establish funding, programming and service partnerships with public and private sector stakeholders; hire and manage experts in detailed design, finance and engineering.



Research has been a component of our work since our incorporation in December 2001. We provide a wide range of research and stakeholder engagement practices, including literature reviews, data collection, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Our geospatial information and GIS tools allow our clients to search, map and visualize data for planning, analysis and decision making of sustainable community development projects. Over the years we have provided a wide range of research, mapping and customized research to meet client needs, including the following services:

• Project budgeting and proposal preparation to initiate community infrastructure projects.

• Creation of geospatial data layers; data collection, analysis, database design and management.

• Development and implementation of geospatial information systems; using regional GIS data for local decision-making including site selection, and service level analysis of infrastructure resources in our communities.

• Demographic analysis; regarding population and employment trends.

• Maps and Google Earth visualizations display interactions between variables in an easy to understand format for visualization by community stakeholders, government officials and business professionals.